BMCC Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is changing!

Starting with the 2019 Cohort, the Teaching Academy will become two programs of two semesters each: The Teaching Fellows program and the SoTL Fellows program. These changes are being made because we know that there are faculty who are interested in observing and experimenting with their teaching, there are those interested in doing SoTL research, and there are those potentially interested in both. We want to support all of these faculty.

  • Would you like to increase your awareness of what you do as a teacher and what students in your classroom do?
  • Are you interested in experimenting with different teaching practices in a supportive environment?
  • Do you wish you had more opportunities for non-judgmental reflection and feedback on your teaching?
  • Are you curious to see what other instructors do in their classrooms?
  • Would you like to engage in classroom research to better understand your teaching and students’ learning?

If so, consider applying to join the BMCC Teaching Academy, a community of faculty with similar interests. The Teaching Academy is a professional development program for full-time BMCC faculty interested in looking more closely at their teaching and their students’ learning. The Teaching Academy is comprised of two related one-year programs: the Teaching Fellows program and the SoTL Fellows program.

In the Teaching Fellows program, participants work in small cross-disciplinary groups, including one senior faculty member who facilitates group activities. Group members observe one another’s classes and exchange descriptive, non-judgmental feedback in order to enhance awareness of their teaching and their students’ learning. Building on these insights, participants experiment with small changes in their teaching to better meet the diverse needs of their students. At the end of the program, teaching fellows have the option of continuing in the SoTL Fellows program.

In the SoTL Fellows program, participants engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) through classroom research based on their own teaching. SoTL fellows meet regularly in small groups, becoming members of a community of faculty engaged in classroom research.



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