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  • Course Tour: Tim Leonard’s ACR 200

    Tim Leonard
    Course Tour: Tim Leonard's ACR 200

    In this video tour of his class, Tim talks about how he stays connected with students and builds community using tools such as Remind, Google Docs, Perusall, and Loom.

  • What Would You Do, Professor? Teaching about the COVID Vaccine

    Yuliya Shneyderman
    What Would You Do, Professor? Teaching about the COVID Vaccine

    Teaching about vaccines and COVID19 is not just biology. I believe it is our responsibility to provide students with accurate information, and to add context relevant to the courses we teach. Most disciplines can add to the conversation around the pandemic and vaccines and provide much-needed context to students.

  • BMCC Faculty Chat via SLACK

    Michael DeStefano
    BMCC Faculty Chat via SLACK

    You know what I miss most about being on campus? I miss bumping into a colleague in the hallway, walking and talking on the way to class… There is no perfect substitute for in-person conversation, but CETLS is offering an informal, alternative that we hope can help as we move forward with our off-campus lives. Introducing our “BMCC Faculty” workspace, via SLACK.

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