Teaching and Learning Computational Thinking

Towards Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

Computational thinking is a framework that students can utilize to solve complex problems and apply across disciplines and in many types of settings, even ones far removed from computer science. The BMCC Technology Learning Community is offering a paid summer/fall professional development opportunity to help faculty implement computational thinking in their classrooms.
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Teaching and Learning Image representing digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

If I have five minutes to talk about one element of my teaching at BMCC, then digital storytelling works both in terms of format and as the subject matter. My goal is ultimately for students to use first-person narrative to support research, and hopefully to create work that they can use for applications and other academic and professional endeavors beyond our classroom.
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Teaching and Learning Johannes and Megan working with students together in classroom. From <a href="https://bmccprodstroac.blob.core.windows.net/uploads/2022/11/Faculty-Dev-Day-2022.pdf" target="_blank" rel="noopener">BMCC SI website</a>.

Supplemental Instruction: Reciprocal Learning—Old Dog, New Tricks

Looking back now on five years of using SI leaders, I know I will never go back. Why? Grades are up, and so is retention, but I would really never go back to being that solo teacher in the front of the classroom. I prefer the noisy, happy, imperfect collaboration of working with SI Leaders who are closer in age and experience, and digital footprint to my students.
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Scholarship and Creative Work Slow-Down

Slowness in Academia: Reflections on Writing and Time

Care and joy should be at the center of all people’s lives regardless of their work. This need is especially significant for academics, like so many others who work with the demands of unpaid labor and have few boundaries between work life and personal life. “Slow scholarship” produces the nurturing spaces that all academics deserve and is a model worthy of our collective action.
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Campus Culture bell hooks

The bell hooks Book Club

There has been so much work in our college lately addressing anti-racist pedagogy and culturally sustaining pedagogy that I thought it would be fruitful to go to the mother of the movement. But I also didn’t want to read her by myself. I know my colleagues and wanted to read with all of you. So along with the library, CETLS and the Race, Equity and Inclusion Coordinating Committee, we started the bell hooks Book Club.
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Teaching and Learning Strauss-pic

From Pandemic to Protest: We Remember

The overlapping crises of public health and police brutality prompted me to think about trauma-informed pedagogy as a way to both grieve the losses and celebrate resilience. The collaborative project, “From Pandemic to Protest: We Remember,” was designed to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the events of 2020-2021, using digital tools to commemorate the experiences of their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic and the racial-justice protests.
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