Faculty Interest Groups

FIGs are interdisciplinary groups of faculty and staff members coming together to explore a common research, creative, or teaching interest. All BMCC faculty and staff are welcome to join existing FIGs or propose a new FIG – just email us at cetls@bmcc.cuny.edu.

Active FIGs 2019-2020

Children & Youth Studies

Faculty from a variety of disciplines whose work and research keep the child, children, and childhood as their central focus, providing critical thought and insight while locating them in different contexts, fields, and ideologies.

Criminal Justice/Social Justice

Discuss on-going research and academic projects, establish opportunities for scholarly collaborations, and exchange pedagogical strategies and best-practices, with an emphasis on social justice oriented issues within the framework of the criminal justice system.

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Latino/a Studies

Explore the theoretical, social, and personal dimensions that are the foundation for Latina/os to develop cross-cultural awareness and to understand their own transnational characteristics.

Culture, Women’s Stories, and Creativity in STEM

Supports faculty interested in engaging in research, curriculum development, and teaching related to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) of indigenous Africans.

Faculty Research Cooperative

Faculty from a variety of disciplines discuss, share, and collaborate on specific components of the research process from implementation to publication.

Language, Society, and Culture

Discussions and presentations on research or pedagogical issues related to language, including strategies for addressing language and cultural issues in the classroom.

Nonviolence in Theory and Practice

Share scholarship, creativity, contemplative practice, and activism regarding current political issues as they relate to curriculum.


Read, discuss, and present works in all traditions and sub-disciplines of philosophy and collaborate on philosophy projects.

Queer Communities at BMCC

Conversations around representation, visibility, and social action within the queer communities.


Foster teaching and research across the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines.

Universal Design in the Classroom

Share pedagogical ideas that promote a classroom that represents a community of learning.

Women’s Studies Project

A community of faculty and staff who teach, research, or administer in the field of women’s/gender studies – a complex discipline that draws participants from fields such as the humanities, sciences, social sciences, mathematics, and business management.


FIG Archive

A list of FIGs that are no longer active.

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