Blog Post Guidelines

Please keep the guidelines below in mind as you develop your blog post:

  • Blog posts should be between 400-600 words and written in an informal, conversational style.
  • Posts may address topics related to teaching and learning, faculty scholarship, or campus culture and should be relevant to a cross-disciplinary audience.
  • Authors should include a bio that is 2-3 sentences in length, and a current photo, which should be square shaped or easily cropped to a square shape.
  • You may include additional images and/or files that are relevant to your blog post. For example, if you are writing about a classroom practice, you might want to include supporting documents, such as an example of an assignment.
  • Blog posts will be reviewed and edited by our editorial team of faculty. Blog editors will select a photo that represents the subject of your blog post, which will be featured with the title of your post on the main blog page and will be displayed at the top of the post. We will share this photo with you for your approval before the post is published.
  • We aim to publish one blog post per week. When your post is completed, it will be added to the publication schedule. The publication date will depend on a number of factors, including other posts that are already in the queue. You will be notified about when your blog post will be published.

Email cetls@bmcc.cuny.edu if you have any questions about the blog.

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