Listening to Each Other: Incorporating Audio Assignments and Feedback in the Classroom

Friday, February 10, 2023 | 10:00 am - 11:00 am | Zoom

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Ariel Leutheusser (Humanities Alliance Fellow)


When we think about incorporating podcasts in the classroom, the prospect can be quite daunting: I’m not a technology expert,  I don’t know anything about sound editing – or about hosting and distributing a podcast online – this must not be for me!

But if we consider for a moment what it means to listen – and to express ourselves through speaking – we get to the core of what any class can gain from incorporating audio assignments. When we allow students to use their faculties of speech to explain the concepts and texts that they are learning about in their courses, and to interview their family, friends and peers, students are enabled to tap into their inherent abilities to express themselves and think through concepts in real time.

In this workshop, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating audio assignments into the classroom as an asset-based learning method, and the potentialities for instructors of delivering audio recorded feedback on assignments towards expanding and exercising intimacy and care in the classroom through speaking and listening asynchronously. We will discuss our experiences using audio in the classroom and consider how all kinds of disciplines can incorporate audio into their classrooms.

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