Game-Based Teaching and Learning

The Game-Based Teaching and Learning FIG focuses on exploring the pedagogical uses of digital and non-digital (e.g. board, card, etc.) games and simulations. Proceeding from a growing body of research that demonstrates the effectiveness of games and simulations to teach course content and sharpen critical thinking, this FIG explores the pedagogical value of game-based learning principles such as “competition,” “failing forward,” and “just-in-time knowledge.” We accomplish this by meeting several times during Fall and Spring semesters to examine games, develop game-based pedagogies, and create assignments. We also sponsor seminars and workshops on game-based teaching and learning.

Our FIG also created a Games Lending Library, through which board games and gaming materials are distributed to faculty to facilitate the use of games and simulations in the classroom. Please contact the coordinator for more information about how to borrow a game.

Coordinator: Julie Cassidy (English)

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