Identity Politics, Migration and Ritual: Material Culture and Text


Western Civilization: From Ancient to Early Modern Times (HIS 102)
Survey of Art History (ART 102)


This semester you are enrolled in a BMCC Learning Academy learning community, which links HIS 101 with ART 102 and your BLA Success Seminar. Welcome to a whirlwind tour around the Mediterranean, from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, to medieval and early modern Europe and the Islamic world. In this shared learning community, you will become familiar with ancient civilizations and how they remained interconnected. The connectivity between these courses is the broad study of the shared Mediterranean networks, with a focus on human activities including migration and ritual behaviors.

Integrated Assignments

Students had an integrated final project assignment that counted for both HIS 101 and ART 102, which asked them to analyze both primary sources (history) and art (art history) in order to understand an aspect of a society studied during the course. As part of this, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a group mid-semester, and also offered students the opportunity to go again as a group at the end of the semester.

BLA Success Seminar

The BLA Success Seminar helped students to understand the assignment, work on time management, etc. A major benefit was that Gabby reminded students of what they were supposed to do and we all met to discuss how each student was progressing in the course.



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